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AIDS/SIA: The "Four-H" Disease

Naming the Disease, pages 32-33:

Unfortunately, the name AIDS was not phonetically adapted outside of the English language and was not linguistically malleable in languages with declension, thus posing problems for those outside the anglophone scientific community. Thus another term seemed preferable for use in Slavic as well as in French or Spanish. In France an analogous acronym, SIDA, an anagram of AIDS, was created, signifying Syndrome d'Immuno-Déficience Acquise (or Syndrome d'Immuno-Dépression Acquise). The Russians adopted the acronym SPID. In China, it appears, the English name gave way by a curious convergence to the ideographic transliteration "ai zi", these two words meaning literally "[disease] spread by love".

A Group at "Racial Risk": The Haitians, page 35:

Some Americans thus accused the Haitins, especially its illegal immigrants into the United States, of importing the new plague from a native setting with disastrous hygienic conditions into a clean and well-policed country. An attitude consonant with traditional epidemiologic teaching, it became in the event a vehicle for scientific and moral bias. Speculations abounded on the germ-bred misery, on the filthy water, on the intestinal and skin parasites, on the alcoholism of the Haitians, on their use of marijuana and all sorts of other privations and deprivations. Two authors went almost so far as to say that the origin of AIDS, or at least its transmission, could be explained by the bloody practices of voodoo.


Until the beginning of the 1908s Port-au-Prince was a high point for "sexual tourism", a center for bordellos, some of them welcoming pedophiles. American and European gays came in droves. It is possible, perhaps even probable, that among them there were carriers of the AIDS virus. Until 1984 practically all the AIDS patients tallied in Haiti were inhabitants of the tourist areas. If the disease was endemic on the island, why were there no patients in the Dominican Republic?


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